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LL​Lorraine Hodges Kelowna British Columbia Canada


Lorraine Hodges is a local artist who creates art in the form of elaborate designs on a very unusual canvas.  Her passion lies in the world of gourd art.  After retiring in 2012, Lorraine’s artistic journey began with watercolour and acrylic painting classes, closely followed by her greatest love, gourding.  Lorraine believes that art in all forms is an important facet of learning one’s true self.  You can find Lorraine teaching gourd art in various locations throughout the Okanagan Valley B.C. Canada and Mexico.


Lorraine is presently a member of the:

  • ARTSCO (Arts Council of the Central Okanagan)

  • Rotary Centre of the Arts

  • Lake Country Art Gallery

  • Mission Painters Group

  • Canadian Gourd Society

  • American Gourd Society

  • Washington State Gourd Society

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